How to Handle Trolls. [Available in Georgian language]

If you are an active user of social media and your personal and business reputation is on the line, then you owe it to yourself to have a guide to help you deal with internet trolls.

About Information Environment [Available in Georgian]

Information environment, as a term and its essence, is specially used and studied by the military. They distinguish three layers (dimensions) of the information environment, which in their opinion, and not only in their opinion, make up the information environment.

Opinion about Russian Goals [Available in Georgian]

I believe that a democratic, united and economically strong Georgia is a serious headache in the grand strategy of the first persons of the Kremlin, that is, the first persons of the modern Russian federations.

Second Karabakh War [Available in Georgian]

In general, my subjective opinion is that, in case of determination, after Georgia-Turkey, the “information war” can be started most easily between Georgia and Armenia.

Turkey – Enemy of an Ally [Available in Georgian]

What interest can Turkey have in Georgia and how real are the fears associated with the destruction of our territorial integrity in favor of Turkey and the religious persecution of Georgians in the collective memory of Georgians.

Red Vendée [available in Georgian]

In 1920, at the direction of Sergo Orjonikidze, the head of the Caucasus Bureau of the Russian Communist Party, great preparations were made in the Caucasus. In April, the “South Ossetian Partisan Brigade” was created from the Ossetian Bolsheviks who had fled from Georgia in the previous years, and Kozaev, the son of Razden Shamel, an old Bolshevik, was appointed as its political commissar.

What is Strategic Communications [Available in Georgian]

From the 2000s to the present, “Strategic Communication” (Stratcom), as a new discipline of information management, is still actively fighting for self-determination and is not in favorable relations with its related, already established specialties or professions.