Information Defense Legion

“Information Defense Legion” unites all citizens of Georgia in Georgia and abroad. Each member of the Information Defense Legion voluntarily declares his consent to help his country in the information war, to become a member of the “Info-Legion” and to help spread the truth. The project is implemented and coordinated by the Strategic Communications Center-Georgia ( In this project, high-level professionals of defense and security, cyber security, information and psychological operations, history, political science, media management, information security and others are united around the “StratCom Center”.

Russia’s occupation of Ukraine’s territories in 2014 and their use of increasingly dangerous hybrid methods, including the use of information as a destructive threat to democratic countries, sparked discussions around the globe. Information and psychological operations conducted by the Russian Federation (which included a military component) deprived the Ukrainian government of the support of its population on fundamental issues on which consensus was established a long time ago, giving birth to alternative opinions and finally breaking the unity of the local population. Information activities introduced chaos, panic, a sense of insecurity, disorganization, and called into question the values on which united, strong, democratic countries stand. Consequently, Information and Psychological operations achieved the most important objective – elimination of the psychological readiness and resilience of society against the enemy.

Russian information influence activities and hybrid threats soon became a topic of discussion in Georgia, among others, by the highest officials of the government. Representatives of the civil sector spoke even more about these threats. In the Strategic Defence Review prepared by the Ministry of Defense of Georgia in 2017, it was noted that hybrid threats from Russia remain a challenge for the security system of Georgia. The consensus in defense and security experts is that the foreign policy course of a united, strong, and democratic Georgia is threatened by hostile Russian information activities and a continuous cycle of disinformation. And yet, results in this direction are vague. The steps taken against the anti-Western propaganda did not find a proper response in society. The activities planned against Russian information influence efforts could not go beyond the narrow groups of people interested in the topic and could not take the form of a public movement. Moreover, suggested activities and discussions remained relevant primarily within narrow associations of like-minded people.

The “Information Defense Legion” aims to eliminate these shortcomings together with every citizen of the country. The “Legion” is a space where we can unite our efforts. “Legion” was created for each of us, where each of its members will have the opportunity to make their own contribution to strengthening the information security of Georgia. Also, all Legionnaires will be given the opportunity to establish two-way communication with project organizers and personally participate in the campaign planning process and/or in the efforts of countering adversary’s propaganda activities. For example, if a member of the “Legion” discovers the adversary’s propaganda infrastructure in the virtual space, they can inform the members of the analytical group of the organization and receive help in creating compelling arguments or narratives in response to the adversary’s misinformation. In the process of creating “Legion”, a large group of young volunteers have already shared their professional skills selflessly and with great enthusiasm. Graphic artists, web designers, historians, marketers, PR specialists, journalists, psychologists, and others, besides being already members of the “Legion”, also engage in physical and intellectual work. These facts of volunteerism and solidarity are a guarantee and a prerequisite for the victory in the information war. “Information Defense Legion” belongs to everyone, it belongs to Georgia as a whole!

Join the “Legion” and protect Georgia in the information war! #ძალაჩვენშია

The project is implemented with the support of the East-West Management Institute (EWMI) ACCESS project, with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The content of this website is solely the responsibility of the Strategic Communications Center-Georgia and may not necessarily reflect the views of the East-West Management Institute (EWMI), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), or the United States Government.